Install a Service in XP

The following will show you how to install an application to run as service:

Installs and removes system services from NT

INSTSRV <service name> (<exe location> | REMOVE)
  [-a <Account Name>] [-p <Account Password>]

  Install service example:

    INSTSRV MyService C:\MyDir\DiskService.Exe
    INSTSRV MyService C:\mailsrv\mailsrv.exe -a MYDOMAIN\joebob -p foo

  Remove service example:


U:\>instsrv shazam c:\temp\shazam.exe

The service was successfuly added!

Make sure that you go into the Control Panel and use
the Services applet to change the Account Name and
Password that this newly installed service will use
for its Security Context.

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