How to Install Nessus

Nessus Install

How to install Nessus 3.2.0 in Backtrack 3.
//Credit goes to williamc on the remote-exploit forums

Download the Fedora Core 8 RPM's from:

Convert to TGZ :

rpm2tgz Nessus-3.2.0-fc8.i386.rpm
rpm2tgz NessusClient-3.2.0-fc8.i386.rpm

Use the Slackware Package Tool to extract:


Install packages from the current directory
Choose both Nessus-3.2.0-fc8.i386.tgz and NessusClient-3.2.0-fc8.i386.tgz

cd /opt/
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/nessus/sbin:/opt/nessus/bin:
cp /usr/lib/ /lib
cp /usr/lib/ /lib

cp /opt/nessus/lib/ /lib
cp /opt/nessus/lib/ /lib
cp /opt/nessus/lib/ /lib

cd /lib

Nessus installed.
Now, update your plugins. Make sure you registered at the Nessus website. Use the code they emailed to you below.

cd /opt/nessus/etc/nessus
nessus-fetch --register XXX-YYY-ZZZ-VVV

Run the Nessus Server:


Launch the Client:

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