BackTrack 3 Beta thumb drive Install (Save Changes)

//Credit goes to Deathray on the remote-exploit forums

This allowed me to boot BT3 from my 8GB Thumb drive and save all of my changes.

Step 1: Split the usb thumb drive into 2 partitions*
First partition (A) should be precisely 1 gb and FAT32 filesystem.
Second partition (B) should have the remaining diskspace and be in EXT2 filesystem.

//Credit here goes to DaKahuna on the remote-exploit forums

Backup any data you have on the USB drive as that will be erased by the following steps:

1. format the USB drive for full size using a windows machine and format it to FAT 32
2. on you BackTrack system insert the USB drive and mount it. In BT3 Beta it should automount.
3. as root create the two partitions using fdisk.

fdisk /dev/sda

p (print to see what is on the drive)
if there are any exisitng partitions delete all of them using the "d" command
n (for new partition)
p (for primary)
1 (for first partition)
1 or enter (to start at the first partition)
+2048M (to create a 2GB partition)
t (to set the type)
b (to make the type FAT 32)

n (for new partition)
p (for a primary partition)
2 (for 2nd partition)
Enter (to accept the default start at next available partition number)
Enter (to accept the ending partition to use the rest of the disk)
t (to set type)
83 (to set type for Linux)

p (print to screen to make sure there are two partitions with the format you want)
w (write changes to the drive)
When write is finished you are returned to the command prompt.

run mount to see if the new drive is mounted or not. If not, mount it using the mount command (note: you may need to create a directory in /mnt/ for the sda2 partition.
after the drive is mounted run mkfs.ext2 /dev/sda2 to set type for your linux partition to ext2

Step 2: Copy bt3 and boot directory to partition A
on Windows box, download USB version of BT3 Beta from:

use a program such as WinRAR to extract the BT3 and Boot directories
extract both to partition A

Step 3: Manually create a folder named "changes" at root directory of partition B

Step 4: Execute /boot/
make sure you run on /dev/sda

Step 5. Open terminal and CD to /boot/syslinux on partition A


chmod +Xx lilo
chmod +Xx syslinux

Step 6. Open /boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg
I opened syslinux.cfg with Kwrite.
At the end of the APPEND line, under the mod you are planning to use. (Example KDE or simply text mode), add:


"XXX" Should be replaced with the name of partition B on the USB thumb drive.
In my case, /dev/sdb2.

Step 7. Reboot and select the mode where you added the changes mod from step 6.
once you confirm that your changes are persistent you want to update everything using FastTrack

Use FastTrack to update everything
//Credit here goes to hevensnt on

Launch Fastrack (K / Backtrack / Penetration / FastTrack) and have FastTrack update itself. After it updates, you will need to exit and relaunch. Next navigate to the "Fast-Track Updates / Installation Menu / Install Slapt -Get / Install Sapt-Get". After Slapt-get is finished installing, navigate the same path and choose the other option; "Update SlackWare (slapt-get —update —upgrade —ignore-excludes". This will take awhile, but it is downloading, compiling, and installing udpated system software.

Once this is done, you need to "Install Everything" in FastTrack by going to "Fast-Track Updates / Installation Menu / Install Everything"

Once that is done, you need to "Update Everything" in FastTrack by going to "Fast-Track Updates / Update Everything"

Once this is done, you can exit FastTrack.

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